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Advisory Luncheon Sit-Down

Integrating Supply Chain and Procurement Strategies

The next frontier of competitive advantage

Time: 12.00-2.00PM

Location:QT, Sydney, Australia

GRA Sit-Down, 49 Market St, Sydney



Program Focus Areas

  • Key competitive capabilities for the new landscape

  • Common objectives and joint ownership of business outcomes

  • Co-creating Supply Chain and Procurement Strategies to increase gross & net margin

  • Collaborative activities that will lead to improved supplier performance and value for money

  • Joint efforts towards building ethical and sustainable supply chains



Who Will Attend

12:00 PM-12:15 PM | Registration and Arrival Refreshments

12:15 PM-12:45 PM | Opening remarks & presentation - GRA

12:45 PM-13:15 PM | Interactive discussions

13:15 PM-13:30 PM | Closing Remarks by The facilitator(GRA)

13:30 PM-14:00 PM | Networking & end of session

  • CEO

  • Heads, Directors and GMs of:

  • Procurement

  • Supply Chain

  • Operations

  • Finance

Getting There

QT Sydney

49 Market St, Sydney, 2000

The event room: Market Room on the 3rd floor

(our directors of chaos will be ushering you from the entrance)

email: josh.heid@round-table.com.au

contact: +61 477 524 071


Josh Heid

Events Director , Sit-Down


We recognise that organisations are experiencing increased sourcing complexity with extended global supply chains, increased product and supplier proliferation, longer lead times and increased supply risk. At the same time there’s an expectation to lower costs and increase service levels, while improving supply chain visibility and predictability and ensuring that supply chains meet ethical and environmental standards.


When developed independently Supply Chain and Procurement Strategies can have different goals (typically optimising gross margin versus net margin). This can inadvertently lead to conflicting objectives, incurring additional net cost and causing quality and service issues. By integrating Supply Chain and Procurement Strategies there is a real opportunity to increase both gross and net margins – and ultimately deliver a competitive advantage.



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Carter McNabb

Partner, GRA

Carter is a founding Partner of GRA and a Director of the Supply Chain Business Institute (SCBI). He has over 20 years of international supply chain advisory and transformation experience. Carter has worked within Retail, Distribution, Manufacturing and Service / Repair organisations in industries ranging from Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) to Auto Parts to Defence at both the strategic and operational levels.

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James Allt-Graham

Partner, GRA

James is a partner at GRA and leads the Sydney office. GRA is the leading consulting firm specialising in performance improvement with an emphasis on supply chain and logistics strategy in Australia. We offer consulting, professional services, systems, training & education and benchmarking.

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Josh Heid

Events Director , Sit-Down

Josh has a strong background of working in the business matching services and market research industry strengthening his capabilities in Negotiation, Corporate Social Responsibility, Sales, International Business and Customer Relationship Management (CRM).